Thursday, March 31, 2016

188 - To The Batcave!

This Week on the Google Educast: David Hotler, newly minted Google Education Innovator, joins Fred and Sean to discuss the Innovator Academy. Lots of updates for iOS as well as new updates for Cardboard and Streetview. Creating video on a Chromebook? Several choices are available as well as some *free* photo editing software!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

187 - The SXSWedu Episode

Dan takes the lead on this week’s show. Kim is in Austin, Texas for SXSWedu and gives a repost on what trends she sees coming out during this year’s conference. It’s time to enter the Google Science Fair. We say hello to a new way to save Google Docs and new templates available in Docs, Sheets and Slides and we say goodbye to Picasa. Google Search can be used to follow the election and search for animal sounds. Coincidence? We let you decide. Teaching coding resources, Chromebook tips, YouTube editing and more all on this week’s show.