Friday, August 21, 2015

176 - Summit Pro Tips (or any conference!)

Sean, Chris and Fred question what Google has in store for education with their big September 2 announcement. Chris goes solar with Project Sunroof.  Find out how you can help a child in need with Operation Backpack. Pro tip from Fred via Tasha, on using a color filter to improve search results. Learn how you can be a pro at conferences, both the ones you attend and also those that you missed. Explain Everything for Chromebooks! 'Nuff said. Chris shares a beautiful process workflow for tracking the bulk submission of student files.

Saturday, August 1, 2015

175 - Right Place, Wrong Link

Join Megan, Juan and Chris this week as we recap the new Google Learning Centre, and point you to the monthly newsletter for keeping up the the latest from the Goog. We discuss the recent changes to Google+, removing Hangouts and Photos, etc. Some great news on Google’s support of STEM in Australia, Project Loon coming to Sri Lanka, Chromebook news and lots more. Then a bunch intruders came into the Hangout and it all went pear shaped… Oops!